In addition to treating her client’s with respect and honor, Pam also treats them with love. As a client of hers, there were many times when I was completed heartbroken by my loss, or very, very angry and sad. In those moments Pam comforted me and made me feel as if I were “home”, safe and secure. She shared her own journey with me, which encouraged me, as it gave me hope that I would come out of that fire and recreate a life more suited to me. It happened.
— Pina
Pamela Blair is professional, thorough and dedicated to continual personal growth which has a direct effect on the high quality of her work. She is compassionate, intuitive and a brilliant communicator.
— Pamela
I highly recommend Pamela Blair. She is extremely skilled at what she does, and her holistic approach cultivates positive results. She is deeply thoughtful and reliable. It was hard for me to choose only three attributes to describe her!
— Teresa
Pamela is a seasoned professional with a strong track record of success. Her experience covers a range of issues - personal growth, family of origin, and relationships, both personal and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
— Jeffery