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Skype and FaceTime sessions can be conducted from anywhere in the world! All you need is access to the internet....

Online therapy and coaching via Skype and Facetime has become more popular for busy people or those who can’t make it to the office for one reason or another. Some clients prefer to have sessions in the comfort of their own homes or offices rather than driving to a therapist’s office. Some even find online sessions using video technology to be less intimidating than face-to-face sessions. Facetime is available on Apple products, such as: iPad and iPhone.

Contact Pam to setup a Free 30-minute consultation.

How online video therapy works


Here's what I offer:

One free thirty minute session to help you become familiar with the technology and to give you a sense of my approach and whether it resonates with what you feel you need.



Here's the process:

You can download the software for free Skype calls from Skype.com. Most laptops and Ipads have built in video cams and mics which makes this process easy! If your computer does not have this, inexpensive video cams are available that can connect easily to any computer. If this poses a challenge, I'll help you through it!


Here's the cost:

Internet sessions are available on a sliding scale, if needed. Sessions are payable in advance via a secure paypal account, it's easy to create one that connects to your credit card at Paypal.com. 


NOTE: Online therapy is not a substitute for the medical treatment of mental disorders. If you are in crisis, please go to your nearest emergency room for help, or call 911.